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Christian Movies Reviews – find and watch Christian Movies

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Welcome to Heavenly Art, the internet’s number one Christian movie review site. We are basically the Christian version of IMDB – or hope to be. We bring you all the news, reviews, and just plain Christian movie review goodness. Why? Because we love Jesus and we love movies!

In these pages we hope you will find what you are looking for. We dedicate ourselves to giving you the upmost in Christian movie reviews, so hope you enjoy what you find. If it is a Christian movie review recommendation, then you most likely will.

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So what are you looking for? If you are here you are probably looking for Christian movie reviews or recommendation, but is there anything in particular you need? Perhaps…

Christian movies on Netflix

Looking for what Netflix has to offer? Then not a problem! Check out our list of what you can find on there.

Christian football movies

Everyone loves a good faith based football movie, especially when it is full of Christian values. Check out our list of recommendations.

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This is a contents page so you can make sure you see our complete list of Christian movie list. Basically so you can see what lists we have to help you search for a Christian movie.

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Or perhaps you just want every Christian movie review there is? No problem – here it is. Just scroll until you find what you like. This list grows every single day, so there is always going to be a Christian movie for everyone, sooner or later!