Christian Movies on Netflix – the ultimate list!

christian movies on netflix with Christ

Looking for Christian movies on Netflix? Then look no further! Your favorite Christian movie review site has your back as always.

Netflix has become the biggest and best streaming service in the world. With their own productions coming out, it is actually quite amazing the amount of movies they have coming out – let alone the quality. Which is why it makes sense to find Christian movies on Netflix – we all know there is going to be a fair amount of choice.

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The best Christian movies on Netflix today!


The Shack (2017)

christian movie the shack on netflix

This is a great movie for Christians. And probably one of the best Christian movies showing on Netflix at the moment. Based on a New York Times Best-Selling Novel, many Christians may find this a controversial choice. As it may have some stunning meaning to it, at the same time conjures God in a way some may feel uncomfortable with. But we think that this is fair in an artistic sense, pretty respectful, and so the film deserves to be on our list of the best Christian movies on Netflix.

Ultimately, many Christians will not like the story putting words into God’s mouth. However, the story is a touching representation of how faith deals with tragedy and grief – a subject we can all understand. And though there are some literary liberties taken, at the same time it is all done in a pretty sensitive manner with no obvious disrespect meant. In short, it is well executed, well directed, acted, and really moving food for thought for the soul. Which his why this Christan movie features first on our best Christian movies on Netflix list.


Miracles from Heaven 2016

miracles from heaven on netflix

If you have followed us for a while now, you will know that we at Heavenly Art quite often favor true stories. There is something about a Christian movies that is based on real events that much better transmits our values and hopes, as well as making the movies more inspirational. Which is why we find Miracles From Heaven so high on our Christian movies on Netflix list. 

Now this is one of the higher budget Christian movies on Netflix. There are of course the big mainstream films, but obviously they don’t always feel like they are a Christian movie. However, with this one it certainly does tick all the boxes, and gives us the blessed story of a girl struck ill, a Christian family, and a special miracle. One for the whole family. 

Faith & Family Movies

I’m in Love with a Church Girl 2013

Christian netflix movies - I'm in love with a church girl



Come Sunday (2018)

come sunday - a christian netflix movie



Never Heard (2018)

never heard on netflix



Courageous (2011)

christian movies on netflix offers Courageous 


Pray for Rain (2017)

netflix presents Christian movie pray for rain



In-Lawfully Yours (2016)

inlawfully yours shown on netflix




Autumn Dreams (2015)

Autumn Dreams just one christian netflix movie


Hoovey (2015)

watch hoovey on netflix


Risen (2016)


risen a christian movie now on netflix


Noah (2014)
noah large mainstream christian movies on nextflix



90 Minutes in Heaven (2015)

watch 90 minutes of heaven and other christian movies on netflix



Woodlawn (2015)

woodlawn - football and christianity movie


Soul Surfer (2011)

watch soul surfer on netflix



Is Netflix the best place to find Christian movies?

Is Netflix the best place to watch Christian movies? That is a good question. It really depends on what you want, and frankly, how many Christian movies you want to watch? Answer that question and the next answer just follows.

If you only want to watch the odd Christian movie here and there, are happy with mainstream content, and aren’t fussed about supporting Christian cinema, then Netflix probably is the best place to watch Christian movies. They have a lot of content and that is probably for you. In their defence, Netflix is trying to expand its Christian movie content, but this may take a while.

However, if you want to watch a lot of Christian movies, keep up with the newest Christian content, don’t really enjoy the mainstream stuff and want to support Christian cinema? Well, then when you ask whether Christian movies on Netflix are the best? Then the answer is certainly no. You would be better with a Christian streaming service like Netflix.

Crossflix Movies Online

What is the best place to find Christian movies online?

As you may have guessed, we have a bit of a fave when it comes to watching Christian movies online. Though there is nothing wrong with watching Christian movies on Netflix – and we have to admit they provide a great service – at the same time, specialist Christian streaming services do give something rather special. So what is that? There are a few things that are very special about this.

Because it is ONLY Christian movies

Well, with a Christian streaming service like Crossflix, what you get is nothing but Christian content. That means that you don’t have to watch all the mainstream content that is unsuitable for Christian children, and sometimes just sinful for all.

Now we are not going to tell everyone what to watch, as we are all about freedom. But at the same time, having all that content being not just suitable, but also good for the soul…well that is rather special. So, that is reason number one why you should opt for something like Crossflix over watching Christian movies on Netflix.

Because you get MORE Christian movies

Another reason as to why Netflix isn’t the best option to watch Christian movies is because when you choose an option like Crossflix you get more Christian movies. Now don’t get us wrong, Netflix has a lot of movies, but only a small fraction are Christian movies. However, when you choose Crossflix, you get nothing but Christian movies. And that is pretty cool!

Crossflix Movies Online

Because you can SUPPORT Christian movies

Did you know that there is a Christian movie revolution going on? There are more people out there making Christian movies than ever before. And they are better movies! Better acting, effects, the whole lot. And this is something pretty special!

Jesus should be with us in everything we do. This means they way we live, love and learn. This means Jesus should live within our art – and that includes film. Which is why all these extra Christian movies coming out is just so wonderful. And with it we get a number of websites that are just like Netflix that offer only Christian content.

So not only do you get loads of Christian movies, you also get to support this Christian movie revolution. So maybe you were looking for Christian movies on Netflix, but perhaps you have now found something better.

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