/Christian Movie Review: Facing the Giants (2006)
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Christian Movie Review: Facing the Giants (2006)

A David and Goliath story of faith and football.

IMDB: 6.7

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This Christian story follows a high-school football team and their losing coach. Six years coach Taylor has been in the position, with no wins! In fact his whole life seems to be one of a loser. So much so that he is a defeated man on the verge of giving up – a feeling many of us can relate to. But that is not what the Bible teaches and it is not what this Christian movie is about.

Heading into a new season, this David and Goliath story puts the coach and his team up against unbeatable odds. But through faith and courage the team pulls together and find lessons they never thought existed for them. This is a Christian movie that uses the football field to show us what The Word can be about through this simple sport: family, community and faith!

Is this Christian movie for you?

Yes! Well, if you like football and Christian values, then it certain is for you. This is a top movie as well for children where you want to tell them about how life can get hard, but it is faith and family that will pull you through – not giving up or going down the wrong path. Obviously, these are lessons any Christian would wan to instil in their children.

We are more than happy to give a score of 8/10 for this Christian movie review.

Where to watch?

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