/Christian Movie Review: Find a Way (2013)
find a way - christian movie based around football

Christian Movie Review: Find a Way (2013)

A Christian movie review about football, faith and just inspiration.

IMDB Rating: 6.5

HA Rating: 8

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Certainly one of our favorite Christian movies about football. Find A Way is a 2013 that follows a tragic loss to the town of Burlington, North Carolina – the death of a popular and inspirational young man, Harry Cohen. Cohen is a sports star, athlete, friend to everyone in town, and all round great guy. So when one morning Cohen doesn’t wake up, it leaves the family and town with questions about their faith. And the main question: why would God allow such a thing to happen?

A story of inspiration

As Christians, we all know that faith is not an easy path. We all have struggles, and this can include those that live is tight communities like in this film. When tragedy strikes, it is always hard to reconcile this with our faith, will undoubtedly leave us with questions. That is fair.

This Christian movie tackles these issues with dignity and class. Moving and with some great performances, Find a Way brings to life the troubles that we all face, and is perfect for those that are looking for inspiration to fuel their faith.

Is this Christian movie recommended?

Find A Way is a Christian movie that we would recommend to all. Perhaps it is a little strong for young children, but it is certainly perfect for all others. Especially those that are moved by the strength and actions of Christian communities. Of course, given the focus on a football star, it is also recommended for those that enjoy Christian movies about football.

Where can I watch Find A Way?

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