/Christian Movie Review: Greater (2016)
greater a christian football movie

Christian Movie Review: Greater (2016)

A Christian story of a real life hero on the football field.

IMDB: 7.7

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Our readers love a Christian movie about football – and this one sits at the top of that list! This is because the story follows the most successful and famous “walk-on” football player the U.S. has seen (that’s an non-recruited player). Told from the position of loss by Burlsworth’s family and friends after the players the death, the story has a powerfully poignant feel and a sad edge. But death can often serve as a way to show what is important through loss – and who knows, perhaps that is why God has deemed death necessary.

However, this story is a powerfully uplifting one, telling of the players work ethic, faith, ambition, as well as family and community ties. He was a player with powerful convictions and one that makes for a great role model for any Christian children. This is a high recommended Christian movie!

Why watch?

This movie is here for any Christian that wants some inspiration. To see what another can achieve is a powerful thing, and especially when they do this through struggle and faith. This is why this movie is great for children where you want to instil strength and values…so do put the kids down in front of this one rather than the rest of the make believe superhero dross they may see. However, be aware that the movie does deal with death and loss, so maybe not too younger kids.

We are happy to give this fantastic Christian movie review 9 out of 10!

Where can I watch this movie?

We recommend looking for this movie on Crossflix Movies Online, the favorite Christian streaming website of your favorite Christian movie review website. They have loads of Christian movies about faith, football and all sorts, and you can sign up and check it out for free – so have a look!