/Christian Movie Review: Hometown Legend (2002)
hometown legend christian movie about football

Christian Movie Review: Hometown Legend (2002)

A special movie about faith and football.

IMDB: 5.7

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Definitely a film for fans of faith based football movies. Athens, Georgia, is a town that is mad for football. It is a way of life! But 12 years before, Coach Buster Schuler walked off the field after the death of his son, and the town was never the same again. The once winning team The Crusaders are nothing without Schuler.

With the school scheduled to close down, the children being sent to different schools in the area, Schuler agrees to come back for one last season. Now the ragtag team and problem children have a real coach – one that doesn’t allow any chat back, laziness, ego, or anything negative. For the team members it is more than a push to win a game, it is a life lesson and an investment in them as people they have been sorely missing.

Why should anyone watch this Christian movie?

Simply put, this film shows clearly how a strong role model and coach can change the future of our youth. With Christian themes throughout the movie, this strongly ties in with what many Christian communities believe – that children need a strong hand, standards, as well as someone to believe in them.

Hometown Legend is suitable for the whole family (maybe not young, young children) and is recommended to watch as a family. This is certainly a film that affirms the strong values we as Christians hold dear.

We give this movie 7 out of 10.

Where can I watch this movie?

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