/Christian Movie Review: Me Again (2015)
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Christian Movie Review: Me Again (2015)

A special movie about comedy and your path in life.

IMDB: 5.8

HA Rating: 6.5

Suitable for: 12+

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A great Christian comedy movie, Me Again follows the trials and tribulations of Rich Chaplin, Pastor and family man, who everything he could want. But Chaplain has lost sight of all the gifts God has given him: a loving family, a dedicated congregation, and a good life. When he starts to dream of another life – one that is not his own – the reality of his situation is brought home. The effects of his apathy and how they have hurt others come back at him, and he starts to realise that his life is not about him, and the gifts he has been given are more special than he realised.

Who would watch this Christian movie?

This is a great comedy for anyone also looking to reaffirm their faith. Some great laughs and a life affirming message, this is a great choice for a fun night in. With some adult subjects this is not suitable for children, but something teenagers can enjoy, and the strong messages of faith and community are very positive. A good movie for those who want lighthearted fun with a good message.

As a part of our Christian movie reviews are happy to give this film a 6.5 out of 10.

Where can I watch Me Again?

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