/Christian Movie Review: Reggie’s Prayer (1996)
reggie's prayer - a christian movie about football

Christian Movie Review: Reggie’s Prayer (1996)

A classic Christian football movie everyone loves!

IMDB: 4.9

HA Rating: 7

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A classic Christian movie based on football, Reggie’s prayer is a 1996 film that follows professional football player Reggie Knox. After years of not winning a championship, Reggie turns to coaching on a high school football program in Portland. There Reggie befriends a troubled teenager and rediscovers both his passion for football and his faith.

What makes this movie worth watching?

If you love the great game of football and stories that inspire your faith, then this is a great movie suitable for the whole family. Everyone gets lost sometimes, and it is by helping others that we actually find ourselves and what is important. This is what Reggie’s Game is about – finding yourself through your passion. In Reggie’s case this is through football and God.

Of course the movie is quite old, but it is a classic with some stellar performances and moving scenes. Plus the overriding message of the movie is perfect for all – be of service to others! That is the Christian way. This Christian movie review gets a 7 out of 10.

Where can I watch this movie?

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