/Christian Movie Review: Season of Miracles (2013)
season of miricles - Christ and football

Christian Movie Review: Season of Miracles (2013)

A movie for the Christian family from your Christian movie review website! 

IMDB: 5.6

HA Rating: 6.7

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This is certainly a religious movie about sport that you can get behind. Faith is center in this movie as a high school football team learns about themselves and how to look after others. A top family movie that has amazing values!

Based around an underdog school football team that sudden get a new player – who happens to be autistic. But though the kid is a baseball savant, this doesn’t stop the bullying and taunting. However the teams leader steps up and takes the kid under his wing, rallying the team behind him as they strive for the unlikely win of the tournament. At heart though they learn something more from the sport than just winning or losing – but about themselves.

Who would want to watch this movie?

This is one for the family. Get those kids away from rubbish superhero flicks and give them a movie that has actual Christian values and teaches them something. But don’t be confused that this is just for children! This is a moving story the whole family can enjoy and that is grown ups included So check it out and feel inspired by others.

A Christian family movie that deserves a solid 6.7! 

Where can I watch Season of Miracles?

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