/Christian Movie Reviews: A King’s Heart (2014)
kings heart - a movie about Christians and football

Christian Movie Reviews: A King’s Heart (2014)

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IMDB: 5.9

HA Rating: 6.8

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This is a nice faith based movie about football that displays some nice values. In fact, though it may be too much for really young children, it is perfect for the family as it is all about standing up and being an adult. Meaning strong, courageous, taking responsibility, and being a part of your community. Though this Christian movie is somewhat less polished than others, it does display all the reasons why the Christian cinema movement is so important.

The movie is about the smallest, starting offensive linemen in his league and how when he meets problems and tragedy in his life, he has to find the strength and courage to become a man. All this happens just days before the big game, and time is not on his side. Which way will he go? The easy path or the path hard earned?

Who would want to watch this movie?

This movie is great to move Christian adults and also to teach the family and youngsters about Christian values of community and responsibility. Though the film is not as glossy and flash as some others, it does tell a good story and has a really nice message.

We are stoked to give this movie a review of 6.8.

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