/Christian Movie Review: Season of a Lifetime (2012)
season of a lifetime - Christian life and football

Christian Movie Review: Season of a Lifetime (2012)

Christian movie reviews brings you a real life story of faith and football!

IMDB: 6.7

HA Rating: 9

Genre: Documentary

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This documentary certainly will inspire Christian football fans and people of faith. This is the inspirational tale of head football coach Jeremy Williams who, when diagnosed with ALS, refuses to retire. Instead he coaches for one more season, taking the Greenville Patriots high school team through the Georgia state championships. The man is a role model for underprivileged teens, a father, and a man of faith. Watch as the cameras follow this giant of a man through the toughest test of his life.

Who would watch this movie?

In short – everyone! This tale speaks from the heart about Christian values: being a role model for others, serving your community and mankind, and faith in something greater than yourself. Perfect for the whole family and teaching us how to be better than we are through the sheer inspiration of a great man!

We recommend this movie to all and believe it to be one the best Christian movies we have seen! Because of that we give this a 9 out of 10.

Where can I watch Season of a Lifetime?

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