/Christian Movie Review: Woodlawn (2015)
woodlawn - football and christianity movie

Christian Movie Review: Woodlawn (2015)

A film everyone loves – especially those that love Jesus and football!

IMDB: 7.5

HA Rating: 9

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Woodlawn is a big hitter Christian movie about football – not to mention those who love faith based movies! Based around true events, the story encompasses race, faith, and football, with an inspiring message, making it a great movie for football fans who love Christian movies.

The story follows a chaplain who through football converts pretty much the entire town to become born-again Christians following desegregation. The city has eruptions of violence and anger in this difficult period, but speeches of love, understanding and faith are the messages that quell the flames in this truly beautiful tale.

Who should watch Woodlawn?

The film does deal with some tough issues with violence and racial slurs, but only when important to the narrative, so it is not suitable for your children, but your teens will be fine. In fact they will probably benefit from seeing how powerful the words of Christ can be, and what people of faith can do with real conviction.

We are giving this wonderful Christian movie a 9 out of 10! This is one of our favorite Christian movies out there! 

Where can I watch Woodlawn?

You can see amazing movies like Woodlawn at Crossflix Movies Online, one of the big new Christian streaming sites that offer thousands of movies for Christians. We are seeing a revolution in Christian movies now, so support it, be a part of it, and enjoy! This movie is also listed on our list of Christian movies on Netflix.