/Christian movies about football – the ultimate list!
Football and Christian movies

Christian movies about football – the ultimate list!

At Heavenly Art, we love Jesus, and we love football! We are probably not alone either. This is why we bring you the ultimate list of Christian movies about football: what they are, which are best, and where to find them. If you love Christian movies and you love football, then this list is especially for you. 

Touching Faith

touching faith christian movie about football


Greater - a christian movie about football

Facing Giants

facing giants football and christian movie'


woodlawn - football and christianity movie

When the Game Stands Tall

when the game stands tall - a Christian movie

A King’s Heart

kings heart - a movie about Christians and football

Season of a Lifetime

season of a lifetime - Christian life and football

Season of Miracles

season of miricles - Christ and football

23rd Blast

23rd Blast - a football movie for Christians

The 5th Quarter

the 5th quarter christian movie about football

Hometown Legend

the 5th quarter christian movie about football

Reggie’s Prayer

reggie's prayer - a christian movie about football

Tim Tebow: On a Mission

Tim Tebow On a Mission - christian football movies

Three Miracles of Happiness

three miricles of happiness - top football christian movies

Find a Way

find a way - christian movie based around football


Love Christian Movies About Football?

Hopefully you have found some great Christian football movies on our list that you will enjoy. They are great movies! Why? Because being a Christian is a powerful thing. We are always being tested, our faith sustains us but always needs checking, and being a Christian is a way of finding glory. 

In this way football is also special. To be the best, to push through the pain, to drive yourself forward, to meet your challenges – this requires character. It is a micro-world, a representation of the battles that we face. This is why the classic football movie is perfect to reflect Christian values and the struggles that we face as individuals and communities. Plus football and being a Christian is just plain cool! 

Anyway, our two cents. 

Hope this list of movies has been helpful. 

God bless.